About Retro Kings Fan


On May 24, 2016, I launched Retro Kings fan, a blog created by a NBA-obsessed individual who is currently transplanted in Kansas City. Retro Kings Fan is not my first attempt at a basketball blog. Nor is it the first attempt at meshing a NBA and Kansas City-themed blog together (I did that with Flannel, PBR and PER). However, considering where I am at in life, as well as some changes that has happened since I began Flannel PBR and PER, I felt it was necessary to create a new kind of blog that tackled that NBA/Kansas City theme.

For those wondering, this blog is going to be about the NBA but with more of a nostalgic NBA lens. There will be less “news-worthy”pieces (anything news-related will usually center on the Sacramento Kings, my favorite NBA team, and ironically, formerly from Kansas City), and more “appreciation” pieces of past NBA teams and players, both popular and not so. Expect less pieces about the Golden State Warriors and their quest for a second championship or where Kevin Durant is going to go in the off-season and more pieces about the legacy of Gilbert Arenas and why the 1995-1996 Sacramento Kings were one of the more under-appreciated Kings teams in franchise history. There are other great NBA writers out there for hot takes, analysis and on-court breakdown (Zach Lowe, Kevin Arnovitz, Ethan Sherwood-Strauss, Amin Elhassen, Shea Serrano, Tom Ziller, Paul Flannery, Jonathan Abrams, etc.). This is a fan blog that looks at the NBA a different lens, appreciating the funky, the weird and the nostalgic of all the NBA has to offer with a little of the current thrown in to satiate my passion for the current state of the NBA.

And, much like this blog will look through that unique lens on the NBA, I will also do so with Kansas City. This is not a “popular” travel or city blog on KC. Lord knows my experience hasn’t been anything typical of the view most people have of KC. This is not a blog on the Royals, college basketball, popular BBQ places (though BBQ will be covered), and fountains. I hope on this blog to cover and look at different aspects of Kansas City, the overlooked, the weird, the urban, the plucky rural, the nostalgic and the modern machine underneath it all. In my three years here, I have seen a different side of Kansas City that I never would have imagined when I first moved here as a native Californian. I hope to portray that revelation on this blog, and continue to¬†chronicle my ongoing¬†unveiling explorations of Kansas City and the Midwest.

So that is what Retro Kings Fan is about. It’s a shot out to the wacky glory of the NBA; it’s a shot out to the Kings both past (Kansas City) and present (Sacramento, my hometown); it’s an ode to the establishments and areas of Kansas City that only get portrayed in the back pages of Weekly Entertainment mags and still don’t get enough love; it’s a journal of my own journey in the Midwest as I grow into adulthood.

Retro Kings Fan is a lot of things. I hope some future readers and followers can make some sense of it all.